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Earn $ 1.00 for betting on roulette or crash -

Earn $ 1.00 for betting on roulette or crash -

Speak there beauty?

Today I will talk about a new site that appeared in the scene of betting  CS: GO  has some time already, the . From what I understand is a website derivative bets , as well as having a similar interface, advertisements  are constant in Drakewing.

How to access and I Join in ?

As in most  CS betting sites: GO  simply login with your Steam as soon as you access the site right in the center of the screen appears a roulette and writing the "Sign In", clicking it will direct you to Steam. Remember that you must have Steam Guard on your phone as it asks for the security code that only Steam Guard provides.

What forms of betting  Drakewing  offer?

The  so far has two types of  bets , the Drakespin who is the  roulette  and Stracrash which is a  crash with spatial setting. In fact the whole fund  Drakewing  is a spatial setting, I found very interesting not get so monotonous as most sites.

How do I get credits to play and get my free skin in  Drakewing  ?

  Very easy, just  click here  or on the image above knife and enter my  promotional code  is 109519 on the screen that you will earn : $ 1.00 equivalent to 1000 points. Just you play, and if you're lucky and concentration, multiply your points and redeem for one  skin  cool. 

How do I remove the Skins won?

Good when you start playing the  Drakewing  will ask you to register your trade link after registers it and have already joined their currencies, just click on "Shop", select the  skin  you like and click "Withdraw", then he inciará the proposed exchange. Remember that to make any exchange operation you must have Steam Guard app on your phone so you can make confirmations
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